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Bioton S.A

Bioton S.A


Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals


Poland, Macierzysz

Date of investment:

July 2015

Bioton S.A. is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
In 2015, China-CEE Fund acquired 13.2% of shares in Warsaw Stock Exchange listed Bioton S.A.

Bioton S.A. is a biotechnology company that specialises in drug development and manufacturing, with its current core products being recombinant human insulin and diet supplements. The company was founded in 1989 and, subsequently, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2005. It currently sells in Poland, China, Russia, Thailand and Egypt, among others. Research and development competence in biotechnology has enabled the development of a next generation insulin analogue, and the Company’s R&D at present focuses on analogue insulin registration.