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Kom-Eko S.A.

Kom-Eko S.A.


Waste management


Poland, Lublin

Date of investment:

November 2022

Kom-Eko is a waste management company providing one of the highest recycling rates in Poland. It achieves this by running a fully integrated waste treatment process covering the whole value chain – from waste collection through to waste processing and landfilling. The company has its own fleet of almost 150 specialized trucks that collect municipal and industrial waste, which it processes at one of its several modern facilities located across Lublin, Swidnik and Krasnik. Operating in the city and region of Lublin in south-eastern part of Poland, Kom-Eko has a significant customer base of over 350k inhabitants, nearly 3,000 corporate customers and employs almost 500 people. In the near future, it plans to expand both geographically and into new business segments, including Waste-to-Energy projects.